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Citizens from the European Union or the European Economic Area (Norway, Island and Liechtestein) or from Switzerland, do not require a visa or a residency permit in order to stay legally in our country and work here.

If you want to live here less than three months you should only count with the identification document of your own country. And in case you want to stay in Spain for more than three months, it is necessary to register as EU citizens in our country.

The registration takes place in the Central Registry of Foreign Nationals, and the act of registering grants the Certificate of Registraton as EU citizen and confirms the status as resident in Spain.

In order to register in the Central Registry of Foreign Nationals and get the EU registry certificate you should have a permanent address in Spain (title deed or leasing contract), provide evidence of having enough economic means to sustain yourself and your family whilst you are here, and count with a Health Insurance Policy with the same coverages as the Spanish National Health System.

The registration as EU citizen in Spain is applied for in person (we always personally accompany our clients) at the Foreign Office or Police Station of the residency area, and in case you don´t have a NIE number, it will be issued jointly with the EU registry certificate.

The Certificate is valid indefinitely as long as the applicant´s personal circumstances stated in the application remain the same, and therefore, in case there is a change of residence, a marriage, a divorce,… a new application is required.

There are different alternatives to obtain the registration as EU citizens, attending to the applicant´s circumstances:

  • As self-employed
  • As employee for paid-employment
  • As non-lucrative
  • As pensioner
  • As student
  • As family member of an EU citizen

It is a fast and simple process if the paperwork is correct, and once the Certificate is issued you should carry it with you, along with your passport or ID document, at all times.


We can assist you with any kind of EU registry certificate application, and always provide you with a personalized and full service, carrying out all the paperwork and attending personally with you to the Administrative Offices until the Residency Card is issued.

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