Special offer for the NIE number application


The NIE number is the non-resident identification number in Spain, issued to register both EU and non-EU citizens in our country. It is the identification as foreigner in Spain.

The NIE number is needed for many administrative and tax issues, such as the opening of a Spanish bank account, buying a property, setting up a company, contracting utilities, to file taxes…

This number is personal, non-transferable and does not expire. As the number never perishes it is therefore not possible to renew it.

If you get a Spanish Residency Card or a Registration as EU citizen, the NIE number will be shown in the document. It is only a number itself (it consists of an X or Y followed by 7 or 8 digits and then another letter) and does not involve the residency in our country, nor does it allow to legally reside here.


We provide a comprehensive service, including anything needed until it is issued:

  • Request of the on-line appointment.
  • Collection and supervision of the client´s documentation.
  • Filing of the administrative forms.
  • Payment of the administrative taxes.
  • We accompany the client to the Administrative Office.

It is not necessary to apply for it in person, and we can also organize it with a POA (Power of Attorney) in case the client does not want to personally attend to the Administrative Office.

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