Get your Golden Visa in 20 days!

The Golden Visa is a fast procedure, and non-European owners of property/ies in Spain for an amount of 500.000 € can usually get it in a period of 20 days counted from the moment the Golden Visa application is submitted.

Of course, the other Golden Visa requirements should be met, and you can visit our post “Golden Visa requirements” for more information. In ITURBE PROPERTIES we have a vast experience and deep knowledge of the procedure, and we would be happy to help you find the property of your dreams and assist you with the Golden Visa application.

Either if you are buying a property in Spain, or if you already own one since the end of 2013, these are the Golden Visa timings:

The Golden Visa can either be applied for in Spain, in which case the applicant will get directly an Authorization to live and work for two years, or it can be applied for at the Embassy or Consulate Office of the applicant´s country of residence, in which case a Visa will be granted for one year, being this Visa good title enough to live and work in our country (without the need to apply for a Spanish Residence Card).

If the Authorization to live and work is applied for in Spain, the applicant should be staying legally here at the moment it is requested (i.e. tourist visa), and the application should be resolved in 20 labour days from the moment it is submitted. If the application is not answered, it will be considered as approved by positive silence.

Moreover, it is also possible to apply for the Golden Visa whilst in Spain, and then leave our country afterwards. In that case the applicant should receive an Authorization to Return (which is a simple dealing), and this will allow the applicant to receive the Golden Visa for two years without the need of staying in Spain for the 20 days the application is being dealt with.

Once the Authorization to live and work has been granted, the Spanish Residence Card should be applied for at the Foreign Office of the area of residence and the applicant should personally attend two times to the Foreign Office: the first one to request the Residency Card and do the fingerprint, and the second time to collect the card, which is usually issued in 20 or 30 days.

The Authorization to live and work in Spain has a validity of two years, counted from the moment it is approved, and it can be renewed for sucessive periods of five years, provided that the investment is held (it would also be necessary to provide evidence of having enough economic means and counting with a Health Insurance policy with the same coverages as the National Health System).

In the event the Golden Visa is applied for at the Embassy or Consulate Office of the contry of residency, it should be resolved in ten days, and in case it is not answered it will also be considered as approved by positive silence.

In this case, the Visa will have a one-year validity and it is title enough to live and work in Spain, so it will not be necessary to enter Spain in a certain period in order to apply for the Residence Card.

The Golden Visa is the best option whether you want to live in Spain, or if you want to enjoy all the Golden Visa advantages such as traveling freely in the Schengen area without becoming a tax resident in our country. And it is also a great choice for buy-to-let investors looking forward to receive the highest returns from their real estate investment (please visit our post “Golden Visa & buy-to-let investments” for more information).

In ITURBE PROPERTIES we will be happy to assist you along the whole process and for more information about our listings please click here.

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