Golden Visa renewals

Golden Visa holders can enjoy all the benefits of this kind of Residence Permit unlimitedly, as long as the ownership of property/ies of 500.000 € is held.

The Golden Visa has an initial duration of two years if the Authorization to live and work in Spain has been granted whilst the applicant is staying in our country, or it can be obtained as a Visa in the country of residency, in which case the Visa has a duration of one year and it is good title enough to live and work in Spain, without the need to apply for an additional Authorization to live and work.

If you want to learn more about the Golden Visa duration please click here.

The Golden Visa can be renewed for sucessive periods of five years, provided that the investment in property/es for an amount of 500.000 € or more is held, and that the other Golden Visa requirements are met (such as counting with enough economic means for the period the visa is granted, and having a Health Insurance Policy).

The following documentation should be provided for the renovation:

Valid passport and NIE number.

Land Registry Certificate stating the ownership of the property/ies and the charges.

Health Insurance Certificate issued by an Insurance Company authorized to operate in Spain, with the same coverages as the National Health System and without co-payment.

Proof of having enough economic means, for an amount of approx. 27.000 € per year for the applicant and 6.000 € for the family-members or dependants.

Criminal Record Report, issued no later than three months before the renovation is applied for.

Applicaton form and proof of payment of the administrative fees.

The Golden Visa renewal can be applied for during the 30 days before the expiration of the Golden Visa, or it can also be applied for during 90 days after it has expired (in this case there might be administrative fines aising from the delay).

The renovation request should be resolved in a maximum period of 20 days from the moment it is applied for, and in case it is not answered in that period, it will be considered as approved by positive silence.

Of course, the aforementioned requirements are also applicable to the Golden Visa holder´s family memebers. Please visit our post “Golden Visa for family members” for more information. And if you want to learn more about the Golden Visa procedure and its requirements, please click here.

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One of the main advantages of the Golden Visa is that it is not necessary to live in Spain and become a Tax Resident in our country, and it is therefore a great option for non-European clients interested in buy-to-let investments, as it allows to enjoy the property for some periods and to get high returns from the leases during the periods they are not using the property.

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