Non-lucrative Visa timings

The Non-lucrative Visa is the best way for non-European citizens to obtain the Spanish residence without carrying out any economic activity in our country. Therefore, whether if you want to work remotely from Spain, or to retire here, or even if you want to spend one year in Spain and apply for a working permit afterwards, you might find this kind of Residence Permit of your interest.

The application should be submitted at the Embassy or Consulate Office of the country of residence and it should be resolved within a period of three months, although it usually takes 3-6 weeks to get the approval.

When the application is approved, the applicant has one month to pick up the visa at the Embassy or Consulate Office where it has been applied for, and once it has been collected, he or she should enter Spain within three months counted from the date the visa has been issued. these are the limit periods, but of course once the visa is approved and granted, you can enter our country immediately.

Once in Spain, the visa holder should apply for the Residence Card within one month of entering Spain, and should personally attend two times to the Foreign Office of the area of residence: the first one to submit the Residence Card application form and do the fingerprint, and the second one to collect the Residence Card.

The authorization to live in Spain has a validity of one year, counted from the date of entry in Spain, and it can be renewed for sucessive two year periods. After the second renewal, the long term residency can be applied if some requirements are met.

If you want to know more about the specific requirements, please visit our post “Non-lucrative Visa requirements”.

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