Golden Visa for a joint marital property

The Golden Visa is granted to non-European owners of property/ies in Spain for an amount of 500.000 € or more, free of charges (above that amount it can be mortgaged), and in case of joint marital property it is also possible to get the Golden Visa for the whole family with just one 500k acquisition.

If the property is acquired privately, the Golden Visa can also be extended to the family members, including the spouse or partner (in this last case the relationship analogous to marriage should be registered in a public registry, or it must be proven with a public document). Other family members such as children and parents can also be included in the application.

If you want to know more about the requirements the family members should meet, please visit our post “Golden Visa for family members“.

If the property has been acquired jointly by a marriage, and the price of the property does not reach the 1MM investment required for two applications of 500.000 € each, it is also possible for the marriage to get the Golden Visa for both with only one joint investment for an amount of 500.000 € in property/ies.

In this case, although the property will be owned and registered 50% each, under a Golden Visa prespective the property will be consdiered as acquired privately by one of the spouses, and the other one can be included in the application as family-member.

The Golden Visa application for the familiy members can be submitted jointly with the main applicant, or at any other later moment, and this Residence Permit allows the holder and his family to enjoy many advantages such as travelling in the Schengen Countries without the need to become a tax resident in Spain. You can know more about the Golden Visa advantages if you click here.

It is essential to be assited by specialized professionals to make sure the application will be approved and the Golden Visa will be granted, and for more information please contact us. We would be happy to assist you and your family with the Golden Visa procedure.

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