Non-lucrative Visa requirements

The Non-lucrative Visa is a great choice for Non-european citizens who wish to live in Spain and enjoy the delights of our country, without carrying out an economic activity.

The key requirement to qualify for this kind of Residence Permit is to count with a reliable source of income and enough economic means for the period of residence. The minimum amount is 26.000 € per year, and it should come either from investments, income from work in other country, or retirement income.

It is therefore a great option for those non-European citizens who would like to retire in our country or for those who want to work remotely from Spain (since it allows to work for an employer or for clients who are not based in Spain). Or even for those who would like to spend one year in Spain and apply for a working permit afterwards.

Moreover, the Non-Lucrative visa is extended to the main applicant´s family members, and it is possible to submit a joint application if you want to move with your family.

The application should be submitted at the Embassy or Consulate Office of the origin country, and the following documentation should be attached to the application form:

Passport, with at least one year validity, and NIE number (it might be applied for simultaneously with the visa application).

Criminal Record Report of the country/ies of residency of the last five years and issued within three months before the application is submitted. It should be translated by a sworn translator and legalized or apostilled.

Medical Certificate, stating that the applicant does not have any desease listed in the 2005 International Health Regulations, issued within three months before the application is submitted. It should be translated by a sworn translator.

Health insurance and Certificate of the health policy, issued by an Insurance Company authorized to operate in Spain, with a validity of one year and indicating that there is no co-payment. It should cover the same contingencies as the Spanish National Health System.

Proof of residence in Spain (title deed of the property, leasing contract, …).

Proof of having enough economic means to live in Spain for one year, up to approx. 26.000 € per year. This can be fulfilled with the last month´s bank statements and a Bank Certificate, signed and stamped by the bank and his representative, and translated by a sworn translator.

Application form and proof of payment of the administrative application fees.

The Non-lucrative Visa application should be resolved in a maximum period of 3 months (although it usually takes 3-6 weeks) and it allows to live in Spain for one year, counted from the moment you enter Spain. It does also allow unlimited renovations for sucessive periods of two years, provided that the initial requirements are met. After 5 years the long term residence can be obtained if the maximum absense days have not been exceeded.

It is important and highly recommendable to be assisted by an expert, to make sure everything is in order and that the documentation meets the requirements. Each Embassy or Consulate Office has their own specialities and we provide our clients with a full and personal assistance along the process until the Residence Card is issued.

We will be happy to help you, and for more information, please contact us.

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