Golden Visa for family members

The Golden Visa offers the possibility to get an authorization to live and work in Spain to the Golden Visa holder and the family members and dependants.

Therefore, the family members and dependants can get the authorization to live and work in Spain togehter with the main applicant, with just one real estate investment for an amount of 500.000 € or more, free of charges (over 500.000 € it can be mortgaged).

These are the familiy-members that can be included, and the specific requirements:

  • Spouse.
  • Partner, if it is registered as couple in a public registry, or if a relationship analogous to marriage can be evidenced with any public document.
  • Children under 18, or above that age if they depend economically on the holder and have not constituted their own family unit.
  • Parents, provided that they depend economically on the holder and are included in the family unit due to lack of own income or economic resources.

The application can be submitted simultaneously with the main applicant, or at any later time. You can know more about the Golden Visa procedure and its requirements in our post “Golden Visa requirements“.

For family members, it is necessary to attach to the application the Marriage Certificate or Co-habitation Agreement, the Family Book and the Birth Certificates of the children, as well as the Criminal Record Report for those dependants above 18. And all of them should also count with a Health Insurance Policy, issued by a company authorized to operate in Spain, covering the same contingencies as the Spanish National Health System.

The procedure is fast and the Golden Visa is usually granted within 20 days if it is applied for in Spain, in which case an authorization to live and work is automatically granted for two years, without the need to apply for a visa in advance (the holder should be staying in Spain at the moment the application is submitted).

If the Golden Visa is applied for in the country of origin, the visa is granted within 10 days, and has a duration of one year. In this case the visa is good title enough to live and work in our country and it is not necessary to apply for a Residence Permit when the holder and the family members come here.

The Golden Visa allows the holder and the family members to live and work in Spain, but it is not necessary to establish the residence here, or even to come here for certain periods, and therefore it is possible to avoid the tax residence in our country (if not staying in Spain more than 183 days per calendar year). You can know more about the tax residence in our post “Golden Visa & Tax Residency“.

Moreover, you don´t have to school your children in Spain, which is one of the main requirements to renew other kind of Residence Permits, such as the non-lucrative visa.

Whether you reside in Spain or not, the Golden Visa holder can always enjoy all the benefits of the Golden Visa, such as traveling freely in the Schengen area 90 out of 180 days, and working here with no need to apply for an additional working permit.

Finally, joint property marriages can also can also get the Golden Visa for both of them and their family with just one 500k purchase. In this particular instance, although the property will be owned and registered 50% each, under a Golden Visa prespective the property will be consdiered as acquired privately by one of the spouses, and the other one will be included as family member in the applicaton.

We have a deep knowledge of the procedure and would be pleased to help you and your family to obtain the Golden Visa.

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