Golden Visa duration

The Golden Visa is an authorization to live and work in Spain, and its initial duration depends on which country the initial application is submitted.

Owners of property/ies in Spain for an amount of 500.000 € or more can apply for the Spanish Golden Visa, either at the Embassy or Consulate Office in their origin country, or they can apply straight for the Spanish Resdiency Permit in Spain (Unidad de Grandes Empresas), provided that they are staying legally in our country at the moment the application is submitted (i.e. with a tourist visa).

If the Golden Visa is applied for in the origin country, the visa has a initial duration of one year and the visa itself will constitutes good title to live and work in our country during that period, and once the visa is issued, there is no need to obtain afterwards a Residence Permit for that period. If it is applied for in Spain, the initial duration of the authorization to live and work is two years, and in this case it is not necessary to apply for a visa in advance. In this case the applicant should be staying legally in Spain when the application is submitted (i.e. with a tourist visa).

In both cases, the Golden Visa can be renewed unlimitedly for periods of five years, provided that the investment is held and the initial requirements, such as having an health insurance policy in place and evidence of enough economic means, are still fulfilled.

The Golden Visa application procedure is fast, and it is usually granted within 20 days if it is applied for in Spain, counted from the moment the application is submitted; and 10 days if it is applied for in the country of origin. And in case the application is not answered within those days, it will be consdiered as approved (“positive silence”).

The Golden Visa is also extended to the applicant´s family members, and their application can be submitted jointly or at any later moment. You can know more about the Golden Visa for the family members in our post “Golden Visa for the family members“.

Whether requested in the country of origin or in Spain, it is more than highly recommendable to count with the assistance of experienced professionals to make sure that the specific procedural and paperwork requirements are met and that the Golden Visa is successfully obtained. You can learn more about the Golden Visa requirements in our post “Golden Visa requirements“.

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