Golden Visa Requirements

Are you buying a property in Spain? Or, do you already own a property here since the end of 2013? If you are non-European and want to apply for the Golden Visa, here is a summary of the key points and requirements for the Golden Visa application.

The Golden Visa is an authorization to live and work in Spain granted to non-European owners of real estate assets in our country. The acquisition can be done either as an individual or through a company, and any kind of Real Estate can qualify (residential, land, business units,…). Moreover, it is also possible to apply for the Golden Visa if you have one or more properties, provided that the total amount ascends to the minimum of 500.000 € free of charges (any amount above 500.000 € can be mortgaged).

If you meet the above, these are the specific documents that must be attached to the Golden Visa application for it to be successfully granted:

Passport in force, with at least two years of validity, and NIE number.

Copy of the Title Deed/s of the property/ies.

Land Registry Certificate stating the ownership and the charges of the property/ies. We take care of it when you engage our services.

Criminal Record Report from the country/ies where you have been living the last 5 years. This document should be translated by a sworn translator and legalized, and should have been issued no later than three months before the application is submitted.

Proof of having enough economic means, for the amount of approx. 27.000 € per year for the applicant and 6.000 € for the family members. We will indicate you which specific documents should be provided.

Health Insurance Certificate issued by an Insurance Company authorized to operate in Spain, covering the same contingencies as the National Health System and without co-payment. We would be happy to recommend you some Insurance Companies, and supervise that these coverages are included.

Application form and proof of payment of the administrative fees.

It is also mandatory that the applicant has never enterd or stayed illegally in Spain, nor has been refused to entry into any Schengen country, or listed as undesirable in Spain.

The Golden Visa is also extended to the family members, in which case the family-book, marriage certificate (or co-habitation agreement) and birth certificates should also be attached to the application, as well as the Insurance Policy and the Criminal Record Report of each member of the family. You can learn more in our post “Golden Visa for the family members“.

The procedure is fast, and the Golden Visa is usually granted within 20 days from the moment the application is submitted, if it is applied for in Spain (10 days if it is applied for in the country of origin).

The Golden Visa has a duration of two years if the authorization to live and work is submitted whilst the applicant is in Spain, and in case the visa is applied for in the country of origin, it will be valid for one year (being the visa good title enough to live and work in our country without the need to apply later for a Residency Permit). And in both cases it can be unlimitedly renewed for five year periods, as long as the investment is maintained. For more information about the Golden Visa timings please visit our post “Golden Visa duration“.

The Golden Visa allows the holder and the family members to travel freely in the Schengen area 90 out of 180 days, and since it does not obligue to come to our country nor to live here, it is not necessary to become a tax resident in Spain (provided that you don´t stay here more than 183 days per calendar year). You can learn more about the Tax Residence in our post “Golden Visa and Tax Residence“.

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As the property/ies can be used without restriction, it is a great option for investors that want to get big profits from the leases, or for those who prefer to enjoy the house for a period and make it profitable when they are not here. If you want to learn more about buy-to-let investments please click here.

It is highly recommendable to be assisted by experienced professionals, and we have a vast experience and deep knowledge of the procedure. Please don´t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you!

We do also offer a combined service including the Purchase Process advice and the Golden Visa application, and it will be a pleasure to assist you.